Locally owned and operated, Hawaiian Cool Water was started because of a strong belief in this simple concept:

The water we drink should not only be clean, but its production and delivery should be non-damaging to our environment.

With a background in both bio-medical and electrical engineering, owner and founder Mike Hernandez-Soria worked passionately to develop a system that fulfilled this simple yet powerful philosophy. In 2011, he successfully developed the proprietary Hi2O filtration system. This technology creates the ideal purification process, in which water is purified just before it’s dispensed, eliminating the need for plastic water jugs and bottles.

Today, businesses and organizations spanning all industries are reaping the rewards of Hawaiian Cool Water’s Hi2O purification systems. Mike and his staff, along with Hawaiian Cool Water clients across the state, are proud to be making a positive environmental impact with this superior water purification solution.

We Are Proud to Serve Customers on OAHU, MAUI, & BIG ISLAND
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