Hawaiian Cool Water’s multi-stage Hi2O technology filters contaminants commonly found in tap water including: bacteria, cysts, sediment, chlorine, lead and mercury. It also addresses potential unpleasant taste and odor coming from those contaminants. These commitments are delivered immediately upon installation via on-site water quality tests, and are continued with subsequent system sanitation and filter upgrades.

Hi2O vs. The Plastic Water Cooler Jug

Water from those plastic cooler jugs is constantly at risk for contamination. There is the potential for harmful chemicals, including BPA, to seep from the plastic bottle into the water. Additionally, think about how that 5-gallon water jug is handled during replacement. Germs and bacteria from your hands, the air and the cooler entry-point are potentially contaminating your water.

Unlike bottled water coolers, Hawaiian Cool Water systems create the ideal purification process where water is purified and chilled just before it’s dispensed. Learn more about our Hi2O purification systems »

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