Water Filtration for Foodservice Equipment

More and more, the foodservice equipment industry is embracing and encouraging the use of reverse osmosis water filtration for steamer and combi oven type machines as well as ice machines. Simple particle filtration is no longer sufficient as it does not completely remove minerals and dissolved solids found in the water supply. These contaminants build up and eventually ruin the machine resulting in costly repairs and replacement of parts. Reverse osmosis water filtration mitigates this by providing the purest, contaminant free water supply to the unit thereby eliminating the usual cause of malfunction. An RO water system saves money and prolongs the usable life of your equipment. The simple science of water entering a machine and changing state to vapor or solid or liquid by application of heat or cold exposes the particulates in the water to the inner workings of the unit causing a build up of those elements.

Why is water filtration necessary after purchasing a commercial ice machine, coffee brewing equipment, or steam driven equipment?

Proper water filtration not only ensures that you have sanitary, great tasting water, coffee and ice, but it keeps your equipment working better longer.

Hawaiian Cool Water Provides the Following Solutions for the Foodservice Industry:

  • Essential RO water for steamers
  • Essential RO water for combi type ovens
  • Essential RO water for ice machines
  • Eliminates most minerals and dissolved solids that can build up inside hard working equipment
  • Water Filtration that creates contaminant free water, eliminating the source of most what can cause equipment malfunction
  • Money saving water filtration that protects the valuable foodservice equipment investment you made and ensures their longevity

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