Reverse Osmosis Purification Enhancement

Reverse Osmosis "RO" is the process used for the vast majority of bottled water consumed worldwide. It is the same technology used in desalination plants to remove salt from ocean water. Hawaiian Cool Water has developed our own RO system in our Manoa Innovation Center headquarters that is a much smaller version of RO technology that can produce very high purity water and still fit inside our water systems.

Our standard RO system produces about 2 gallons/hour. But we have higher capacity systems available for heavy usage situations. Just call and tell us you need choke water.

Ultra-Violet "UV" Disinfection

We offer standard UV and the Firewall UV system. Hi2O with Firewall is the most effective water disinfection system available today. It is the only water dispenser in the world to be certified to both National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards NSF55a and P231. Testing was carried out on our Firewall purification systems by respected US water watchdog the Water Quality Association (WQA) at its BioVir lab in California. The results? 99.99% virus destruction, 99.9999% on bacteria. (And yes, the remaining 0.0001% better watch their backs.)

Natural Coconut Finisher

Coconut carbon finishers eliminate bad tastes and/or odors leaving you with crisp and delicious water.

Deionization System

Deionization produces a high purity water that is generally equivalent to distilled water for commercial and medical uses, at much lower cost.

Alkaline and pH Booster

This supplementary module increases pH and alkalinity of your purified water.

Ozone Oxygen Injection

Increase the oxygen levels in your water via our ozone infusion system.

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