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For years people have been replacing water dispenser bottles that are not environmentally healthy but are also expensive and inconvenient. With Hawaii Cool Water dispensers there is no more rationing your water, or waiting for a delivery services. We purify water from your existing water source, refreshing cold and hot water will always be readily available. Ditch the 42 pound water jugs and get a bottleless water dispenser for work or schools. Water purification systems start at just $1.90 per day.

Health and wellness - for you and the environment - all delivered via our Hi2O purification systems. Our high performance reverse osmosis filtration removes sediments and other contaminants to improve taste and odor. It sets a new standard for the cleanest, clearest water possible. No matter what type of industry or business you’re in, Hawaiian Cool Water has a Hi2O water dispenser solution that can be tailored specifically to your needs. Our free standing water dispensers are perfect for break rooms, lobbies and reception areas.

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