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At Hawaiian Cool Water, we aim to provide every resident in Honolulu, Kapolei, and Kaneohe with access to clean and potable water. With our innovative water filtration systems, we help countless clients enjoy water that is contaminant and bacteria free and refreshing. Contact us soon to learn more about our cutting-edge water purification products.

A Closer Look at Our Water Filtration Systems

Our freestanding water filters feature multi-stage purification technology that can filter various types of bacteria, sediments, and contaminants. Our Waterlogic WL400 models use Firewall UV technology that is certified by the Water Quality Association. The filtered water from these products is odor free and tastes better. Our Iguassu Ice product line, on the other hand, is designed to produce ice and purify water at the same time – a truly convenient product for every home or office in Honolulu.

Additionally, our water systems purify water right at the point of dispense. This means that all you have to do is turn on the faucet, and you can enjoy clean, safe, and odorless water immediately. Our units prevent the possible contamination of purified water, which is common in the traditional-type water dispenser. You can avoid the use of plastic bottles, which is a good thing since you are not contributing waste or trash that goes straight into landfills.

With our unique and cutting-edge Honolulu water, you can have first-class water purification systems right inside your home or office without scheduling water delivery services.

Great Benefits of Hawaii Water

Our water filtration systems are designed to provide some outstanding benefits that are sadly lacking in most similar products being sold in the market. Incidentally, many people in the areas we serve are now realizing the wonderful benefits of Hawaii Water. Additionally, we have an increasing number of business owners in the state, particularly in Honolulu, who opt for our system and replace the traditional dispenser and bottled water products that harm the environment.

Our units' designs are elegant and stylish, hence making them perfect for any home or office. We also have many clients in the business industry who have tried and tested our revolutionary products. Our products essentially save them the trouble of waiting and paying for deliveries since they can connect the units to a regular water source. Our growing list of satisfied clients includes educational institutions, gyms, fitness centers, hotels, restaurants, and medical facilities.

Since Hawaiian Cool Water uses technologically advanced filtration systems, users are guaranteed of 100 percent safe drinking water.

A More Earth-friendly Approach to Water Filtration

Hawaiian Cool Water filtration systems allow clients in Honolulu, HI and other cities that we serve to help the environment in their little way. With green technology that practically eliminates the need for bottles, clients in effect help reduce the volume of plastic bottles that would go straight into landfills. They are also assured of pure and safe drinking water each time.

Please call us soon at 808-954-9638 for any of your questions or concerns. We’d be delighted to offer you the right Hawaii Water filtration system based on your particular needs.

We Are Proud to Serve Customers on OAHU, MAUI, & BIG ISLAND
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