Pure Water Kaneohe, HI

Every person, regardless of age and physical condition, must have access to clean and safe drinking water. But even if you have access to potable or bottled water, there is still a possibility that you’re drinking contaminated water. And with contaminated drinking water comes common illnesses, such as hepatitis A, diarrhea, and cholera.

But the great thing is that such diseases can be prevented if you have clean and pure water in your home or office – something that we at Hawaiian Cool Water can provide you with. Our innovative products will ensure that you, your family, guests, or employees will get safe and clean drinking water. We have already installed hundreds of our water filtration systems in Kaneohe, Kapolei, and Honolulu, and you can also be one of our satisfied clients by calling us today.

Certified Water Filtration Systems

All our water filtration products are certified and tested by Water Quality Association (WQA), the authority on quality testing for drinking water. This is your assurance that the products we offer can ensure pure water that is 99.999 percent free from bacteria (such as E. coli and salmonella) and contaminants (like lead and sediments).

Great Features of Our Water Filtration Systems

It pays to be picky when it comes to the water filter product that you will use. By knowing all the features that a particular filtration system has, you can easily gauge how it can benefit you, your family, or your employees.

Here are the salient features of the water filtration systems that we offer to Kaneohe, HI residents and clients in neighboring areas:

  • Reverse osmosis. This technology is one of the purification methods used by bottled water industry. The reverse osmosis or RO component that is fitted in our products is designed to produce pure water – tasteless, colorless, and odorless.

  • UV disinfection. Our products are fitted with either the standard ultraviolet (UV) or the Firewall UV system, which incidentally is the most advanced UV water disinfection system used today. Our Hi2O Firewall is the only water dispenser that is certified by two National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards: the NSF55a and the P231.

  • Natural coconut carbon finisher. This additional feature gets rid of nasty taste and odor in your filtered drinking water.

  • Deionization system. This specific system allows for the production of water that is ideal for medical and commercial uses.

  • Ozone oxygen injection. Helps spike up the water’s oxygen level through the ozone infusion system.

  • Alkaline and pH booster. A supplementary module that improves the pH level and the alkalinity of the water that the filtration system produces.

Innovative Water Filtration Systems

Aside from guaranteeing pure water, our free-standing water filtration systems also feature cutting-edge technologies and innovative features that are not present in any other similar products. We also have water filters that can be easily installed into water sources that allow our clients in Kaneohe and other Hawaiian cities to just open the faucet to enjoy safe drinking water.

Our water filtration systems are also eco-friendly since they eliminate the need for water rationing, which involves plastic bottles and jugs that harm nature. Ultimately, our products stand out because they can ensure that clients will have ready access to the cleanest, safest, and purest water. Best of all, we can offer pure water at affordable cost as compared to buying bottled water.

With all these great benefits, isn’t it time for you to make that call? Dial 808-954-9638 today.

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